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Mama Brings Gifts

Yuletide Greetings!

Today, is the 25th December 2021. I am not a Christian, so I don’t celebrate Christmas. However, this year is different.

Nothing escapes the attention of the Great Mother and She has observed that Her children have ‘fixed’ this date in the collective consciousness, so she will work with it. Today, Her sister/daughter/mother is at the peak of her dance with Pluto, Lord of the Dreamworld, which began on 12th December and will end on 3rd March 2022, when Mars takes Her hand.

I make no claims to being any kind of astrologer, but I do look at the stars and planets and observe what they ping in my mind and bring into my reality, here in the Valley of the Dragon.

Currently, I am real-eyesing how our Mother Earth is now playing with the other planets of the solar system, Her celestial family, which are now free of their archontic constraints. She plays as if in a dance (or trance) and the charged slipstreams of these luminaries form vortices that inform our psyche. It is no accident that the planet Pluto was discovered at the height of Carl Jung’s conception of the collective unconscious. The entire library of human imagination is frozen in the cryogenic wake of Pluto’s dreamstream. This can have a positive or negative effect on our reality.

However, when Venus meets with Pluto, you can guarantee that she is plumbing his icy depths to bring out nothing but the best! Following on from the Grand Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn at the Winter Solstice of 2020, in which the dosage of the masculine polarity was recalibrated, the patriarchy has dissolved and a new societal structure is being dreamed into existence. What will that look like? That’s for us to discover over the coming months and years – we are invited to play with Mama and the luminaries.

Today’s gift is Christmas and all the religious holidays. Big Mama gives them to us, Her magical children, purified of all religious control and propaganda. If you want to celebrate the rebirth of mankind’s innocence today, whatever label you put on it, that’s a beautiful thing. Rejoice!

Star of Bethlehem, Grand Conjunction Jupiter and Saturn, Winter Solstice 2020

Addendum: it has since been conformed that the slave self was also deleted on this day.

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