Dreaming Back the Aurochs

Caught in the Dream-stream

When did the Dreaming of the Aurochs begin? I got swept into the dream-stream three years ago, driving across the dry and desolate farmlands of Castilla La Mancha, but I didn’t know it at the time.

The dream-stream of the aurochs snagged me again this spring, as there must be an easier way to cut the grass. We don’t want to keep sheep or goats, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if a wild herd came by every now and then and chomped down the grass?

The aurochs were wild cattle that roamed across the grasslands of Europe from Denmark to North Africa and the British Isles to Central Asia, until hunted to extinction in 1627. The last aurochs lived and died in Poland. Their DNA survives in some domestic cattle and in the Spanish fighting bull, the magnificent Toro Bravo. Several organizations, such as The Tauros Programme are working to bring them back with selective breeding.

Toro Bravo

Guided by the Lynx

In my tarot reading for this month (with the Wildwood Tarot), the Lynx came up as action to focus on. Then two days later this video popped up in my news feed. Such magical creatures.

There are lynx in Spain too, but not in these parts. There are no rabbits here, the main prey for lynx, but I searched around to see if there had been any sightings and the lynx led me to the most wonderful witch, the late Simona Kossak.

Simona Kossak and the Lynx

And there was the aurochs again:

It was the first aurochs that I ever saw in my life. Well, and this greeting right at the entry into the forest – this monumental aurochs, the whiteness, the snow, the full moon, whitest white everywhere, pretty […] and the little hut hidden in the little clearing all covered with snow, an abandoned house that no one had lived in for two years. In the middle room, there were no floors; it was generally in ruins. And I looked at this house, all silvered by the moon as it was, romantic, and I said, ‘it’s finished, it’s here or nowhere else!‘

Simona Kossak

Lunar Eclipse in the Aurochs

And just to be sure, a few days later there was the partial lunar eclipse in the constellation of the Bull – surely that Bull is an aurochs.

Image from Stellarium, 7.23am 19th November 2021

Medusa’s Serpents, Birkeland Currents and Dream-streams

I had been especially focused on this eclipse as it was conjunct the fixed star Algol, which is Medusa’s third eye. Opposite, the sun was in the head of the serpent, held by the Serpent Bearer. The snakes emerging from her head are the dream-streams, that hold the seeds of everything that comes to life on this planet. Also known as Birkeland Currents, the charged particles that form filaments and a self-magnetic field that can act on other collections of charged particles, such as us, internally or externally. All this became clear to me. the day after the eclipse when a group of runaway cows showed me that I was in their dream-stream, as I describe below.

Simona Kossak Dreaming

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