The Dissolving Patriarchy

The dreamstream, or morphic field, that holds the patterns of the patriarchy is dissolving. This fragmentation has been going on for a long time, but I first noticed it exactly one year ago. This is what I’ve observed so far – just witnessing the patriarchal patterns as they show up in your own life, hastens its dissolution. It is a pattern that worked for a while, but is now way past its sell-by. Nature is making the patriarchal system obsolete and I am so happy to be able to assist in that process!

Dreamstreams are part of the original World Wide Web, the one that Nature creates and the internet is a replica of that idea. Imagine what that means. All those ideas that just pop into your head, where do you think they come from? The dreamstreams carry ideas and memories through time and space, looking for a place to land with an emotional charge that is a frequency match. They have a certain charge and focus and show up as images and characters in dreams and in conversations, songs or words in any media. You are already far more psychic than you real-eyes.

This time last year, we were still reeling from the fire that destroyed our barn and everything in it, including all our tools and our solar system. We were without electricity for two long months in the dead of winter. A few days after the fire, I had a dream in which Dean and I returned to our motel room on the edge of nowhere, to find a dead man propped at the table by the window. In the dream, I was lucid, I knew that a menacing Native American who had been stalking us had committed the murder, but the challenge of the moment was what to do with the body? If we went to the ‘authorities’ they would not believe us and we would be held up indefinitely. I told Dean that Mr Luigi had told us that we should have fixed the generator in the RV before setting off on our journey, but we hadn’t paid attention. (It would be a few weeks before I discovered Mr Luigi’s identity.) Now we only had enough power to make it home if we drove hard for four days and four nights without stopping. Before dawn, we were in the RV and on the road.

In my dream language, cars and vehicles, such as the RV, represent the physical body. The dead man was Dean’s slave self.

That dream was on the night of the 16th December 2020 and we had concluded that the ‘four day, four night’ reference, was warning us that we were in for a rough ride in the lead-up to the Winter Solstice. Dean had been battling with his own patriarchal patterns and their ‘toxic masculinity’ for several years in the dream world, thrashing around, shouting and throwing him self out of bed many times. In 2020 this false identity crawled out of the underworld and into our daily lives – to be seen and cremated in the fire.

The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at the Winter Solstice of 2020, began the process of ‘recalibrating the the dosage’ of originating will. Jupiter had for a long-time been the ‘Father of the Patriarchy’ and in their meeting Saturn ‘turned the dial’ on that dreamstream.

This year, in that cold window between the full moon and the return of the Sun with the Winter Solstice, we are witnessing the unraveling of the patriarchal dreamstream. It is spiraling through Nature’s web looking for a frequency match where it can land and be activated, but there isn’t one. Enough of us have done our house-keeping and we are now ‘infecting’ others with our higher vibrations, including many of those who have been poisoned. I am seeing evidence of this in our lives and it is being confirmed by friends and family.

A few days ago, a friend contacted me with this message: I woke in a dream and Dean was driving the truck and next to him was a dead man, whose face (at least) was quite bloated, he had a mustache and dark wavy hair. Then it was like being in a replay and you were driving, with the dead man in the passenger seat. She had the impression that we were driving off the land to take the dead body somewhere.

In my dream the following night, Dean and I were in a hotel room, working something out with a map or a plan laid out on the floor. A man knocked on the door and a said something, I don’t remember what, but we didn’t want to open the door. He banged louder and started shouting, but we didn’t answer or let him in.

The patriarchal command and control structure takes the form of a triangle or pyramid, in which power and wealth is concentrated in the few at the top of the structure. The masses lower down support those at the top, supposedly in exchange for security, law and order and this structure allowed for a relatively stable society, for a while. At one time there must have been true nobility, real heroes and value in this dreamstream, but no longer. Agendas and noble lies don’t cut and this structure has outlived its usefulness. It is no longer fit for purpose and Nature has made it obsolete – we are witnessing realtime entropy. Those at the top of the pyramid have become drunk on power, corrupt and pathologically insane and are now systematically genociding their support base. Those of us who intend to live through this transition are deleting the slave self identity that was created to support this structure. We are on a new track and the Great Mother and all the luminaries are helping us with the dissolution of this dreamstream.

On 12th December, Pluto, the ruler of the dream world met with Venus, the dreamstream generator, in the Great Void. One week later, Venus went retrograde in the Void. She will meet Pluto again on Christmas Day, to merge his will with her creation, before launching it into the wild on the 29th January, when she stations direct in the Archer. There is more to follow on this cosmic dance and the birth of a new dreamstream, meanwhile…….

In my next dream, I got in the car to drive somewhere, but I could not control the car. It was going too fast, the brakes would not work and the steering wheel was spinning like a top. Other cars were coming in from side roads and there seemed to be no space to swerve and avoid them. I felt scared, but then I remembered that I was dreaming and I could change the scenario…..or maybe just surrender to it? I let go and then Tulku jumped on the bed and woke me up!

That morning, Dean had a call from his nephew. They don’t talk often, his father (Dean’s brother) died a few years ago and Troy had some questions about the family history that were burning through his safety net. In particular, he wanted to know why his grandmother (Dean’s mother) had not given the children the name of her new husband, when she remarried after divorcing their biological father. Apparently, he had asked his father the same question and he had said that it just never came up as an issue. The divorce had happened when Dean was only two and he had always regarded his stepfather as his dad, just as Troy had always thought of Torg as his grandfather – but here he was, really concerned about the ‘family name’.

Unbeknownst to him, Troy was caught up in the patriarchal dreamstream, one of its mainstays being the passage of lineage and property through the father and his name, eventually leading to the total subjugation of women. Before that, it didn’t matter who the specific father was; children were loved and brought up by the clan and some relationships between men and women lasted a lifetime and others not so long, because that’s life. So, Dean confirmed to Troy that the surname of children didn’t matter to his mother and Torg, as their actual relationship with each other and the children superseded any names or labels. Also, that they did not want the interference of the state in their lives, as well as the cost, of an unnecessary formal adoption process and name change.

Dean’s parents had already begun dissolving the patriarchy without even knowing it, way back then and Dean and Troy have now finished the job for their clan going forward.

The day after the solstice, I dreamed that I was leaving home, my parents house for the first time, in a shiny red and curvy MG. I was trying to pack everything in and there wasn’t room, so my dad said we could hitch a trailer. i didn’t want to do this, so we threw everything out, except for a large sheaf of wheat or barley that we put in the passenger seat. I was a bit worried about driving out onto the busy road, so my dad went out to stop the traffic for me. This is such a big healing/remembering of the circumstances under which I actually left home at 16.

A new dreamstream is now being danced into consciousness by Venus and her consorts and we have the opportunity to real-eyes that dreamstream into reality.

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