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Name and Claim

The Naming Power, sometimes called the Law of Names, is the power of the true name, or the secret name. It was said that, if you knew the secret name of a phenomenon, a being or a thing, it gave you its power and you had complete control over it. Of course, only a very few high magicians knew the secret names and held this power, supposedly.

In this reality, Nature gives us all the Power to Name and Claim. It operates via the signal from your Source connection on the frequencies of affection, bliss and Love. Within these frequencies, there is no possibility of control over another, but there is power-sharing, knowledge-exchange and a channel of wisdom generation opens up between you.

You use this Power whenever you give something a nickname, like a special place, or a loved one, or a pet. That nickname is something you make up, or at least you think you make it up. However, what is really happening is that in the frequency bandwidth of your affection, that entity opens up and reveals their essence to you, which you then name. You enter into an empathetic relationship with what or whomever you have named, you get to know each other more intimately and the bond of affection strengthens. This is real.

I have named the valley where we live, the Valley of the Dragon. The Dragon is an ancient reference to the natural electrical charge of the earth and the earth is super-charged here, that is how Ophiussa earned her name: land of serpents. The serpents are ‘snake lines’ electric currents that move seemingly randomly off of the regular gridlines. They move vertically into anyone holding a low frequency that needs to be cleared. I’ve seen it happen several times and it caused our barn fire by moving into Dean, a major purge. It is how the Dragon protects her valley from negative influences. I have named the mountain that is the head of the Dragon, Mata Ray.

Head of the Dragon: Mata Ray Mountan

You can also use this power to name objects. Warriors use it when naming their weapons.

I have also named myself, especially for this adventure. Yolanka is very close to my given name of Yolanda, but exists only in spirit. My home was named Casa do Mato, long before we moved here. It means house of the bush, or the wild land. So I have named myself: ‘I am the spirit of the wild land.’

If you prefer to listen, click below……

Casa do Mato, with dragon

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