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Drawing the Line

Drawing the Line is a nature power, that you can use to connect people and animals to each other and places and things. It can also be used to draw impenetrable boundaries, around your home, for example. Animals use it instinctively and unconsciously for migration, defining their territories and sometimes for hunting and finding food.

For humans, this power arises out of our ability to imagine drawing a line, because we shape reality with the images we hold in our minds. Imagined connections are energetic filaments through space, that have intelligence and content. They are very temporary unless anchored or fixed in some way. Although invisible to the ordinary senses they have a directional frequency that moves from red or infra-red to violet or ultra-violet in the colour spectrum. These lines are living plasmic intelligence and one of the mechanisms through which the thoughts of another spring instantly in your mind, having travelled faster than the speed of light through the invisible filaments that connect you to each other.

The Earth recognizes the power of the line in threshold moments, when another celestial body rises or sets on the horizon line of Her material body. The power of the threshold line was fully real-eyesed by our ancestors, who made great monuments to capture and concentrate the power generated at sunset and sunrise, on the solstices and equinoxes in different locations. With the willing intent of a male consort, our Earth generated Her own central axis line, crowned with the Pole Star beacon to call in Her children, wherever they landed in the galaxy.

I first became aware of the power to draw the line several years ago, when I was engaged in the Sophianic Narrative and had got to know John Lash, who generated that story. One episode of the story tells that when the Aeon Sophia plunged from the Galactic Centre, She unwittingly sheared the female part of the human genomic template that was lodged in the Orion Nebula, separating it from the male part and that was the original cause of the disharmony between men and women on Earth. John named this discord, the gender rift. He also said that the Andromeda Galaxy was a sister galaxy to ours and the control for the experiment that we are engaged in.

Around this time, I become aware of some weakness in the signal of my own fractal antennas, specifically related to the feminine aspect. I reasoned that part of the reason for the domination of the patriarchal model for so long was because women had been unable to find new input and grow beyond the confines of the patriarchal command and control structure. (Which also constrained men in the recognition of their feminine polarity too.) Was this because the female part of the genomic plasm was missing from the Orion Nebula? If so, wouldn’t there be a copy of the missing template in the Andromedan control and wouldn’t it be possible for a signal to be generated from Andromeda to the Orion Nebula to restore the female half of the genome there?

One day, while visiting John, I asked him about this and he pointed out that Andromeda and Orion were both visible that night and told me where to locate them. So, that night, Dean and I located Andromeda and the Orion Nebula and with our arms around each other, we set the intention for the Andromedans to be able to project the settings for the female part of the human genome to the Orion Nebula, to reunite with the male part there. We then locked-on to the Andromeda Galaxy and drew an imaginary line across the sky to the Orion Nebula, with our eyes and outstretched index fingers. Dean asked at the time: how will we know that it has worked? And I told him that we would get a very clear sign within three days. That is part of my intention in reality shaping: if the energy work has ‘fixed’, I will have confirmation within three days.

The very next morning, I received a surprize email from a friend, who had been trapped in a broken marriage for some time. She said, “I just had to tell you this, as something amazing just happened. Last night, around 10pm, I had the realization that I do not have to allow myself to be pushed out of this house. Our marriage is over, but this is my home and I have worked to make it so and he will have to buy me out, or agree to share this space on new terms. So, I told him that over breakfast this morning and he said: OK, what are the terms? It was that easy! Suddenly, new possibilities have opened up and I don’t feel trapped anymore.” She is not involved with this work and didn’t know what we had done at that time, but that was clear confirmation that the intervention had worked.

From that point on, my own signal has strengthened and communication between Dean and I has become clearer and easier, with deeper connection, spoken and unspoken. I’m also picking up the signals from other human genomic plasms, nested in other locations throughout the galaxy. This is currently informing my views on human DNA and whether so-called aliens might actually be humans who are different because they generated themselves from the same template, but in a location with different resources and conditions to our Earth. I’ll come back to this later, but meanwhile, a few years after the Andromedan connection, I’d noticed that Dean had become obsessive about asking everyone he met, where they had come from and how they had got to where ever they were. He was asking in the ordinary sense of, which driving route etc., but the energy and persistence of his questioning caught my attention.

After a while, I real-eyesed that he was trying to work out how he had got to be here, in his body on this planet. I had the intuition that he was picking up a signal from the Pleiades. His natal moon (real sky) is conjunct the Pleiades and as mine is conjunct Andromeda, and I know I pick up their signal, I thought this might be something he needed to bring into consciousness. So one night, we went and located the Pleiades in relation to Polaris and he drew a line with his eyes and index finger from the Pleiades, to the Pole Star and back to his heart. The obsession regarding directions went instantly and he has gradually become more embodied since then.

Changing tack, if you want to draw a line for protection, around your home or property for example, it is very easy to fix it, that is to anchor it in ordinary reality and make it more permanent, with salt. Salt is a living crystal and the Earth can register a line of salt informed with intention and hold the imprint long after the salt has dissolved. I made a salt boundary around our extended property, explaining what I was doing as I walked slowly pouring the salt, recognizing the guardian trees and exalting all the living creatures to maintain the boundary in all dimensions.

Recently, I’ve discovered that Venus is the dream body of the Earth and that she is now generating dreamstreams to bring higher frequency forms into our new reality. When you can see Venus in the sky, you can draw a line to connect Venus directly to a place on Earth, which brings the dreamstreams that Venus is generating directly to that place, to accelerate the roll-out of beauty, bliss and freedom. You can also use the V-connection to bring harmony to a place where the energy is disturbed, even if you are not in that location at the time.

And what about lines that connect you do to other people, that you did not make and/or do not want? It is good ‘astral hygiene’ to cut these invisible ties regularly. To cut the lines, imagine you have a sharp knife, or a sword, or even two swords (my preference) and you use them to slice through any ties around you, remembering to cut behind your back, above your head and below your feet. Any valued connections, that matches your frequency, will come back at your new level. If not, it was a drain on your energy that you don’t need.


  • Brian Fogel

    I am in the process of going thru this exact same thing with my wife and our home now. About 3 years ago after listening to JLL for some time I decided I needed to start looking at the night time sky to see what it was all about. Prior to this I had no interest. What surprised me was there was always this one area that my attention went to like a magnet. To this day, this area is my only interest. I would instictively draw this imaginary line from one of the star clusters to the other and try to contemplate why. After about 9 months I figured out I was drawing my line from Orions belt, past the Bulls eye to the Pleiades.

    • admin

      Nothing beats direct experience. We can inspire one another to seek it and recognize it in each other, but you really feel the charge when you work something out for yourself and embody more of yourself in the process. We already have already been given all the Nature Powers, but we each have to discover how they work within ourselves, by doing it! Taking action, going out and looking at the sky and receiving the livestream from the stars and paying attention, weaving the fabric of life with all those imaginary lines, ever more consciously.

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