Venus Dreamstream Dancer

For a long time, a minority of deranged imposters have hijacked the mechanisms of reality shaping and subverted them to serve an agenda that has caused immense harm and suffering to all life on this planet. This evil regime is now coming to an end and as it crumbles we are able to see more of how reality really works and that we have the power to generate something better, the kind of society we want to live in. This new ‘model’ is dreamed into existence, just as everything is dreamed into existence and the luminaries in our solar system (and beyond) are working with us to make this dream real.

When I talk about dreaming, I am not just referring to sleep-dreams or day-dreams, although are included. Embodiment, Source connection and heart/brain coherence cause us to resonate at specific frequencies that work at the formative level of existence. This is a ‘flow state’ that we experience naturally when we sleep, but not so much when we are awake because we have the habit of thinking too much. Thinking puts us into a different mode, in which we generate beta brainwaves, instead of the alpha waves we need to be in the range of the Schumann resonances, the formative frequencies of Nature.

I use research and thinking after any dream intel or other insight to confirm my intuitive knowing. I still need this because much of what I experience in is so beyond what I have been conditioned to see as ‘real,’ that I am constantly having to prove to myself that it is real and not an illusion. Luckily, I have Dean as my witness, or else I would have gone crazy long ago. In these transition times, it is absolutely essential to see confirmation of your dream-state actions in ordinary consciousness. Eventually, our interaction with the dreamstreams will enable us to generate the optimum reality for each and everyone of us, without having to think about it at all.

We can only connect with the luminaries when we are pure of heart, with genuine curiosity and innocence. They close and harden at the merest hint of exploitation – you see a bright mirror, rather than the liquid plasma filaments that connect you to them. However, they do enjoy baffling scientists by showing a little more of themselves every now and then. Venus revealed her rose and her heart relatively recently, as there are no records of her distinct orbital pattern relative to the Earth before 1980. The sheer beauty and geometric perfection of her dance speaks for itself, yet it is underpinned by mind-blowing mathematical precision that I won’t repeat as there are good descriptions here and here.

“There are too many such numerical coincidences in the Solar System for this to be mere coincidence, so it seems that it is the Earth which controls the length of the Venus day, possibly through tidal interaction”

The Greenwich Guide to the Planets, S.Malin, 1987

Tidal interaction was later refuted and the idea of interaction between Venus and Earth forgotten.

Venus and Uranus are the only planets that orbit the Sun in a clockwise direction, when viewed from the Earth. This is said to have been caused by a comet collision in the distant past, but I think it is natural to Venus and is fundamental to her creative/generative capabilities. Energetically, the clockwise spin is considered to be outward moving and masculine, as compared to the feminine counter-clockwise and inward-drawing spin of the Earth, as She draws energy to Her.

Venus is quite literally, a female celestial body with a male-spin. She was known in the ancient world as the androgynous Inanna of Sumer and Ishtar of Mesopotamia and honoured through dance and temple prostitution – in which the priestesses selected their own partners. Imagery and stories of ancient gods and goddesses are more about physics than beliefs.

I see Venus as the astral body of the Great Mother, moving free of the intense implosive forces of the Earth that draw in the other planets, as well as the Natural Laws of life on Earth, just as we do when dreaming. As such, Venus is the Mother of all dreamstreams, and she generates them through her dance.

I find some support for this idea in Dan Winter’s super-equation that describes the wave symmetry of negentropy, the path by which the universe moves to increased order and perfection, as well as the cause of gravity. He describes the equation as: phase conjugate negentropic/implosive charge collapse and the cause of gravity, perception and consciousness, life force, colour and all centripetal forces.

From Dan Winter:

The inward implosive movement, the in-breath of the universe if you like, is non-destructive because it follows the golden mean. He includes the Venus and Earth years in the equation, referencing Planck time and the golden ratio, but in simpler terms the orbits of Venus and Earth have a 13:8 relationship, which is pretty much the golden mean as well as part of the Fibonacci sequence. Bliss, lucid dreaming, alpha brainwave patterns and the Schumann resonances also show up in the equation.

My intuition tells me that Venus generates a plasma vortex, a dreamstream, that transverses the longitudinal implosion wave at various nodal points, allowing for new patterns to appear in the human experience. Venus is all about generating form after all. The form she generates, based on the Fibonacci sequence will include anything that meets the new higher order and anything that doesn’t, that cannot be transmuted will be obsolete.

We can test this idea, by observing the key dates and liaisons in Venus’ dance schedule over the coming months and years and paying attention to who she connects with and where and what shows up in our own lives at those times.

These are some key events to consider:

The Rose of Venus takes eight years to complete and this cycle began on the 3rd June 2020.

New 8 yr cycle3rd June 20

Venus Direct25th June 20

Venus/Sun26th Mar 21

Venus/Pluto12th Dec 21296GREAT VOID
Venus Retrograde19th Dec 21287GREAT VOID
Venus/Pluto25th Dec 21296GREAT VOID
Venus Direct29th Jan 21281ARCHER
Venus/Mars enter dance14th Feb 22285NUNKI – ARCHER
Venus/Mars/Pluto3rd March 22298GREAT VOID
Venus/Mars7th March 22301GAZE OF GOATFISH
Venus/Mars leave the dance17th March 22309NECK OF GOATFISH
Venus/Saturn29th March 22322TAIL OF GOATFISH
Venus/Jupiter1st May – Beltane359WESTERN WHALE

Thank you to Dan for providing this schedule.

So far, we have already seen the dissolution of the patriarchy and the slave self, on Christmas Day no less and Venus is just warming up!

Please feel free to comment or add to the schedule as we go along.


  • Miriam

    Beautiful being,
    what an article. Thank you!
    It brought my insides into a dance. A dance with Venus, the earth and the masculine spin. I am so much about embracing the male energy these days. In me, around me and to enjoy its expressions. I invite it to come closer. Still I feel it is scared… I love how you talk about the planets as luminaries and how the earth is influencing the movement of venus. So in a way how we are influencing Venus. How we are creating not only beauty with our female male aspects dancing. This at least how it appeara to me. Your writing switched something on in me, that I do not fully understand yet. I will look at Venus tonight to welcome the new year. Time to find her again. <3

  • Melovia

    To complete above table:

    New 8 yr cycle 3rd June 20 EPL 73 Between the Horns of the Bull

    Venus Direct 25th June 20 65 Left jaw of Bull

    Venus/Sun 26th March 21 52 Bull left shoulder

    (I used Stellarium, so may be out be a degree here and there.)

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