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A New Track

This report comes via three dreams. The first on the night before Mercury/Hermes came back from holiday on October 18th, the second dream on the night before the full moon of October 20th and the third on the night of the 21st.

The ancients created Mercury (Mr Luigi to me), using their Divine Gift of Imagination, so that they could focus their attention on specific Nature Powers and Luminaries, to interact with them in different ways. All the notions of currency, communication, commerce and intellect arise from this concept. Mercury is a special kind of zoom lens, that activates what you focus on and puts you in an intimate relationship with it – along with all others in your bandwidth including all the Nature Powers themselves.

The night before Mercury came back from his holiday, we had a consultation. It was significant because he was consulting with the Mother Consciousness that flows through all of us and I was the participant and witness to that conversation.

In the dream, I was in a coffee shop talking to a Saturnine dark haired man about an ‘assignment’ related to trains. Trains in my dream language refers to being on a particular track. The Saturnine man was setting out the conditions for the assignment on that track – things had to be done a certain way, there were limits on what I could do or say. He was, in this respect, representing Saturn and I refused the assignment – I was not going down that track. He asked me to wait and called in Mercury.

Mercury arrived, looking disconcertingly like the actor David Caruso. He sat at the table and asked me if I remembered participating in similar assignments in the past, which I did, and he said that the conditions were the same, so I should accept the assignment. I told him that he was wasting his energy trying to negotiate with me as he was mistaken regarding original conditions. I completed the previous assignment, not because I had to, but because I wanted to at the time as I thought it was a good track. Now, I have additional information and I want to do things differently. I’m not going down that track again.

I stood up and said: I’ll pay for my coffee. It was €2.50 and I put the coins on the table signifying the completion of the transaction, and left.

So, we are on a new track. Previous limitations and conditions no longer apply. Hmmm….

The second dream was a close-up view of a scene, that was also a projection from within myself. There were no words, it was just the image of Andromeda dancing happily on the rock, swathed in double-helix chains, bending down to pet the sea monster Cetus, as he rose from the waves to greet her.

In the third dream, I walked up a hill in the sunshine and met Mr Luigi and the Saturnine man at the top. They were both wearing running gear, as if they were about to run a race. They asked me if I wanted to join them and I said: no thanks. I’d rather play with the fishes. And I leapt up into the sky, where a school fishes were flying by and I became enthralled by their colours, as they changed directions and the sun fell on their scales.

Our Great Mother is not into racing, nor any kind of race issues. But what about the fishes? The last couple of days have been still like liquid molasses. Even the birds have been quite, although still present. As I looked across the valley I sensed Her waiting, for movement, for something to pop up out of the silence – like a fish out of a lake like glass. An idea to play with. In the Age of the Fishes, we gave too much attention to the fish and have forgotten how to play.

From now on, it is all about the cosmic dance and the play of Nature, with us and through us. We know that when we are in it. The Andromeda story tells of sovereign parents who were nonetheless ignorant, blind to themselves and under the thrall of Saturn. Saturn’s energy derives from it’s shape, a sphere within a horizontal disc. Our development of physics and linear time derive from how the energy and image of this shape affects our psyche, imagination and perception. Our ancestors were able to see Saturn more clearly because there was less light pollution then and their image libraries, or memory banks, were not cluttered with artifice. (Is Saturn the source of flying saucer imagery?) Their view of Saturn was the spark that ignited the human intelligence that recognized the axial rotation of the Earth and the ecliptic, that gave birth to the concept of the dial and the clock. The dial concept is the evolution of the wheel. It has had many beneficial effects, but it has also led to us becoming enslaved by clock-time and controlled by those who have used it to limit our perception.

The story goes that Andromeda’s parents, Cepheus and Cassiopeia were so proud of their daughter’s beauty that they boasted that she was even more beautiful than the nereids, the sea nymph daughters of Poseidon. The nereids complained to their father, a son of Saturn, and he sent Cetus the sea monster to ravage the coast of the kingdom as punishment. Through an oracle, King Cepheus learned that the only way to save his kingdom was by sacrificing his daughter to the sea monster, and so they chained her to the rock to await her fate. Fortunately, she was rescued by Perseus, who just happened to be passing by after decapitating Medusa.

When we look at the stars, now as ever, we are seeing a model of the universe that is in our heads, projected into the raw feed of reality, shaping it to mirror the model we hold. It is not a synthetic hologram, but it can include objects and images that are not part of our original design and are not natural, as the model is infinitely mutable. The stories ancient people told about the stars arose from the same blend of imagination and narrative ability that causes a child to look at a stick and see a snake. In fact, outside in the dark, you might see the snake too, as our emotions also affect our perception. These talents also allow us to see deep within ourselves, to the Truth of existence, which is then also mirrored back.

Andromeda is the pure beauty of our mitochondrial DNA, which is not something for us to claim ownership over or be proud of, as it is not ours. It belongs to and is part of the Great Mother operating within us and She is perfectly capable of protecting Herself, as necessary. That is the significance of the young hero Perseus showing up with the head of Medusa, the protector, to free Andromeda, the Mother DNA, from restrictions arising out of our use (and mis-use) of Saturn’s dial. These events have already happened, but we have been slow to become aware of them due to the controls/restrictions on our perception of time and timing. This has also affected our ‘biological clock,’ which is now realigning with the greater cosmological cycles.

On this new track, the programmes, beliefs, patterns and behaviours that we inherited from our parents, that were contrary to the original codes of our nu-clear DNA, no longer apply as the Mother DNA is no longer operating under Saturn’s restrictions. Subtle changes in mitochondrial DNA affect nuclear DNA, this includes the enhanced ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones. This cannot be stopped no matter how many people are killed or maimed before this realization hits home.

Much of this will play out between now and next month’s lunar eclipse, which will be conjunct Medusa’s third eye, the star Algol, and watched over by Saturn operating under new management. I expect that there will be violence and heads will roll, but the inner guidance is now clear. Nature rules.

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