Mars Locks On

Mars returned from his holiday on the other side of the Sun yesterday and entered our perception on a new setting, free of exploitation. Mars super-charges the ‘locking-on’ function. Locking-on, to another being, a place, a thing, an idea or a dreamstream is a human ability that works at many levels. Animals also have this ability, but they are not affected by Mars to the extent that we are. It helped us find our way from the cosmos to the Earth, to unite the egg and the sperm; it helped us track and hunt and to find solutions to any problem. Mars fixes intention. He is not the source of our will, but he does strengthen it.

Yesterday morning, just before dawn, Mars locked onto Antares, low on the south-easterly horizon and triangulated with the moon to guide in an M class solar flare on the red and infra-red frequencies. These are the wave-lengths that work in the blood to clear toxins. Our blood is self-purifying due to its iron content and red colour and the so-called blue-bloods do not have this ability. The M flare was perfectly timed with a threshold moment of 4am, when the Earth’s atmospheric pressure is at its lowest point and there was a second M flare at 4pm, at the high pressure point. Interventions at threshold moments exponentially increase the potency of the action, which is why ancient people aligned their important structures with sunrises and sunsets on the equinoxes and solstices. The autumn meteorite showers, also from the Scorpion, along with the iron oxides from the recent volcanoes have prepared the air, soil and waters for this next phase of purification and transformation. Mars will remain locked on Antares through to the New Year.

Mars works naturally with the Earth because of its iron-rich soil, three times as much as on Earth, 15% compared to 5%. Iron is the most magnetic metal and the only metal that aligns with the Earth’s magnetic field, as in a compass. It is also essential for all processes in the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, especially those involving the transmutation of poisons. Throughout the Iron Age, Mars has boosted the iron processes of the Earth, collectively and for all of us as individuals. His destructive action has always been in the service of transformation to a higher form. We have seen this through the development of mining and the forging of iron into tools and weapons and we are now in the internal phase, in which Mars is locking-on to our star, the Earth and other luminaries to stoke the alchemical fire that forges the iron in our blood.

On his new setting, the Mars locking-on function cannot be exploited by anyone who intends harm to others, it is operating in a frequency range that is not accessible to them. That doesn’t mean that they can’t still do harm, but it is limited to what is within their increasingly sub-human capacity, that is why they have to use deception, fear and coercion. They have no power.

Mars is now preparing us for when he locks-on Venus on Valentine’s Day. In alchemy, Venus is associated with copper, to which Mars (iron) is also attracted and copper is highly conductive. The charge in the blood is bound to increase. I’ve noticed the effects of solar flares have become more intense over the past few months, as we need to burn off our old self/cells, so that we can re-enter reality with a new setting, at a higher frequency. Yesterday I had an intense headache, could barely speak and had an upset stomach. Sometimes I get heart palpitations and I often feel ‘the fire in my blood’ as heat (especially at night) and a kind of low-level internal vibration. It’s important to stay hydrated and get enough salt, as you will pee more than usual. This is not ‘spike protein shedding’ but the natural process of transformation that is our destiny.

Mars now locking-on to the Great Mother to assist Her in the emergence of Nature’s World Order, the real ‘reset’, which also takes place in us and through us. The location of Mars in your natal chart (real sky) indicates your personal zero point, where you die to the old reality and shift into the new reality by recognizing the exploitation that was at play – by you, through you and to you – and stopping it by changing your behaviour. This will make perfect sense to you when you do it, if you haven’t already. The ‘opportunities for exploitation’ will diminish rapidly anyway, regardless of what you do or don’t do, but you get buzz, a charge and a dopamine hit, when you do it yourself and you move on more rapidly. The ending of the old reality and the beginning of another, the great cycle of life, happens within each of us.

This is the site I use to follow the solar flares:

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