Dream-streams, also known as the morphic field, are the living filaments of conscious plasma that form the energy grid of the cosmos. The fractal geometry of the streams flow from the deepest core of everything, to the farthest reaches of all that is possible. For us, the implosion point of our DNA connects us to the stars. The spaces within these plasmic nets are filled with the memories of every being that ever was or could be, in this world or any other. I call them dream-streams, as we interact with them through dreaming and this is a fundamental aspect of their form and function, but they are recognized in many disciplines and traditions by other names.

This is Indra’s Net of Jewels and the dream-stream that preceded the World Wide Web.

In the plasma universe model, these streams are called self-generating currents, such as the rope-like Birkeland currents in the Earth’s ionosphere that generate the auroras, the solar wind from the sun or the deep space plasma streams between stars and other celestial bodies. These spiraling vortices are fund throughout the universe, from nebulas to DNA.

The image on the left is DNA, the middle is a diagram of a Birkeland current and the right is of a double helix nebula. From the now defunct, everythingselectric.com

These streams appear in the Mutus Liber, the ‘silent book’ of alchemical images that appeared in France in 1677, author unknown.

Mutus Liber, Plates IX and IV

Casteneda’s sorcerers saw the dream-streams as luminous filaments, conscious of themselves, and stretching into infinity in all directions. The sorcerers taught that this is the very essence, the underlying energetic construct of existence, that is beyond ordinary perception because of how we are conditioned to see – through predator’s eyes. To perceive the essence of everything, to the fullest extent that is humanly possible, the sorcerer must separate himself from the society, which causes people to shape their perception to validate the concreteness of the material world. The sorcerers were dreamers, wired into the universe via filaments, dream-streams, that plugged into their luminous eggs via the assemblage point near the right shoulder.

In the Hindu tradition, the dream-streams flow from Ananta, the cobra on which the god Visnu reclines as he dreams new worlds into existence.

Vishnu and Ananta

Etruscan statues of Medusa show her with a crown of snakes, considered by some researchers to represent the aurora borealis.

Etruscan Medusa

In many indigenous cultures, shaman wore elaborate head dresses with feathers that signified and amplified the connection with the spirit world – the dream world.

Mongolian shaman with eagle feather head dreess

The halo of religious iconography is also a representation of a dream-stream.

Dan Winter explains the physics of the dream-streams and how the fractal array based on the Golden Mean is the only geometry that allows for the non-destructive charge compression that causes lucid dreaming, bliss, remote viewing, distance healing, gravity and every other ‘problem’ that physics has ever come up with. He concludes that bliss and the ability to lucid dream are essential for the future of humanity.

His work is extensive and some of it very technical. I have found his animations of wave conjugation, the tornado or plasma vortex are other terms he uses, ‘two pine cones kissing,’ to be most helpful in enabling me to harmonize my own rational and intuitive inputs, to be more consistently coherent.

I have been a lucid dreamer since childhood. I’ve ‘used’ my dreaming consciousness to work out problems, to find things and for healing and it’s been consistently reliable – I ALWAYS pay attention to my dreams. Over the past two or three years, I’ve become aware of what might be called a ‘phase shift.’ I am much less inclined to direct my dreams consciously, from my ego self’ and more drawn to observing/witnessing what is playing through me, which is vastly superior in every way to what I would otherwise have thought of. However, I am also aware that this dream-stream that I am currently riding, is coming from my highest or future self and that the act of observing the content is part of ‘fixing’ the new reality as it emerges. This involves a clearing and reframing of many memories and their associated images, which is generating a different perspective in my waking world.

Lucid dreaming is a natural function of blissful embodiment, which arises out of good health in a natural and relatively stress-free environment. You cannot be lucid in your dreams if you are not in your body in waking consciousness – many people spend most of their lives in an out-of-body experience without even knowing it. It is critical to be embodied, which gives you the right voltage, or charge, for bliss, so that you get to ride on positive dream-streams – there are many nasty and even demonic dream-streams that you do not want to get caught up in. It is your own integrity that guides you.

Our ancestors knew how to follow the dream-streams, their survival depended upon it and so does ours, at a higher level of complexity. Jon Young, the Native American tracker and naturalist describes the silver thread that connects everything beautifully. Here he is with the gifted animal communicator, Anna Breytenbach.

“The Akashic records is is a library of the vibrational signature of everything that exists anywhere in the universe, and every thought that has ever happened.”

Dancing Dakinis………..