Dreamscape Earth

The Earth is a Dreamscape

You can spend a lot of time and energy trying to work out whether the Earth is globular, flat or a piece of land at the bottom of a crater. Or, you can decide to interact with the Earth as a magical dreamscape.

It’s that simple.

The Earth dreams Herself and everything into existence and when you dream, you are charging up and on that wavelength, riding the dream-streams. We all dream and when your dreams resonate with the dreaming power of the Earth, you make magic. You don’t have to bee asleep to dream.

Thinking takes you out of dreaming consciousness and we all think too much.

Dreamscape and Landscape

The dreaming power shapes the land. All the features of any landscape are created by the dreaming power of the Earth and the Sun, as it flows through the original people and everyone since. You real-eyes this Truth as you become more embodied.

The topographical and functional view of a landscape is the result of limited perception. The limitations and conditions that shaped our perception are changing, regardless of anything you do or don’t do, but anything you do to interact with the dreamscape accelerates the process. It’s immensely pleasurable and satisfying.

In the world of ordinary consciousness, I live in the geographical region known as Galicia. In the embodied reality of my multi-dimensional self, I also live in Ophiussa – the Land of Serpents.

Ophiussa is never still. She twists and turns with grid lines, snake lines, power spots, electrical/magnetic charge of the land. I sense it, like static or sensations on my skin, temperature changes, a sudden breeze, a strange glow or flicker. Who else is here?

The shape of this valley generates a field of sonic entrancement, with the river in winter, crickets in summer, birds all year round, cows, dogs, the wind in the trees, insects and the rhythm of the rain. These elements respond to the actions, thoughts, feelings, breathing and imagination of the inhabitants of Ophiussa. The locals are resilient and have clung fast to their traditions. However, people can be in the same geographical landscape, each experiencing a different dreamscape unique to themselves.

The dreaming power is everywhere and getting stronger, waiting for you to tune in.

You won’t know it until you do it.