The Dream Temples

Your Dream Temples

The earliest known clinics were the Dream Temples of Imhotep of Egypt and later Asklepios of Greece. People would travel hundreds of miles to visit the temples, where they would be guided through purifications and make various offerings before laying down to sleep for one or more nights. The process was called incubation. Herbs might have been used to induce a beneficial trance state and if they were lucky the seeker would be visited by the ‘god of healing’ in their dreams. The priest-doctors would interpret the dream and records show that many patients were healed through this process.

The ruins of these buildings are to be found in many locations throughout Europe, but the fully-functioning temples remain intact in their original locations, where they have always been, inside your skull.

The Dreaming Power

If you ever had what is called a precognitive dream, where you dreamed of an event that subsequently happened, you did not merely see into the future, you generated it with the Dreaming Power of the Earth and the Sun. You fired up a dream-stream.

The ruins of the old world Dream Temples were places of healing because our bodies heal and restore in dreams. When you dream you are totally immersed in the lucid dream of Mother Earth and disconnected from any ideas about yourself and the limitations of ordinary consciousness and physicality. Your ‘settings’ are restored to their default. However, if we disregard our dreams and dismiss them as ‘not real,’ we halt their healing power. There is a lot of healing and clearing going on in dreams at the moment.

Everyone dreams. Everyone has the power to go into the plasma vortex and can strengthen it within themselves, simply by giving it attention. Developing the capacity to observe what shows up in your dreams is incredibly valuable. It doesn’t matter whether you are lucid, as in you know yourself to be dreaming, or not, as the act of observing and remembering your dreams (or parts of them) will naturally increase your lucidity in all state of consciousness.

Higher and intensified galactic and earth frequencies are affecting our consciousness, which is also the consciousness of the Great Mother. There is a blurring of the boundaries between ordinary waking consciousness and the dreaming state. You might have noticed how much easier it is to fall into reverie and day dreaming and how difficult it is to find the energy to do the things you THINK you have to do, but are not enthused about. Time slips by, or expands. The things you really need to do and want to do, that are aligned with your true self, just seem to happen naturally.

The Dream Elixir

The elixir of dreams is melatonin. It is produced by the pineal gland and is the internal light source, the bioluminescence, that enables the imagery of dreams, memory and imagination. It is involved in many functions of the body, such as the immunity and detoxification, healing and regeneration and regulation of the circadian and seasonal biological clocks, all of which are deeply intertwined with dreaming. Incubation in the dark Dream Temples of the ancient world enhanced melatonin production to accelerate dreaming and healing.

Most people today are deficient in melatonin, due to light pollution and excessive use of electronic devices, that have caused a weakening of the dreaming and healing functions. Our ancestors knew that winter is the season of restoration and regeneration. The nights are longer and the days darker; evenings in the amber glow of the hearth fire enhance melatonin production and the firing up of our inner light, so that we dream Spring into being.

There is a secondary source of melatonin in the retina of the eye, which is involved in the processes of turning light into electrical signals that can be read by the brain. The other functions of melatonin in the eye most likely relate to DNA methylation, and the non-destructive compression that causes vision, but this is not yet known.

The Dreaming State

We are in the ‘dream state’ when awake, as well as when sleeping. We are there when we day dream, lose ourselves in creative pursuits, certain types of meditation, or familiar mechanical activities wee have mastered; if ever you’ve driven somewhere and not remembered anything of the journey, you probably slipped into the theta dream state. It correlates with bliss, theta, alpha and gamma brainwaves and is not accessible when we engaging in modern-day thinking, problem solving and stress in which beta brainwaves predominate. Delta brainwaves correlate with deep sleep, and REM dreaming.

Our brainwaves correlate with the types of activities in which we engage, but they also show us the extent to which these activities synchronize with the ‘heartbeat’ of the Earth. The Earth’s heartbeat, is measured by the Schumann resonances that occur between the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere. There are seasonal, regional and cyclical variations in the Schumann resonances, with 7.83 Hz being the centre of the primary harmonic. Theta brainwaves oscillate within the 4-8 Hz range and alpha from 8-13 Hz, which indicates that activities that produce these brainwave patterns are currently more in sync with the Earth. The Schumann resonances mostly fluctuate in harmonics, with the higher harmonics being around 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz, and the higher harmonics are occurring with more frequency. Something to contemplate.

In the dreaming state, we mould the raw elemental material of reality, but mostly the intensity is not strong enough to last, so you forget the dream and there is no evidence of it in waking consciousness. When the dream-shaping is aligned with Mother Consciousness, the Dreaming Power of the Sun and the Earth, a match to the Earth’s heartbeat of the moment, it has far greater intensity and power and you are more likely to remember the dream and there will be a cross-over into waking consciousness.

The ‘magic’, the shaping and moulding of the raw feed of reality happens in the dreaming consciousness as you dream, unbound by the limitations of time and space. What shows up in ordinary consciousness is bound by Nature’s Principles, so there are often time-lags and things show up in a different form.

There are different types of dreams, some are filing or organising conscious experiences, others are karmic. Lucid dreaming is the natural effect of embodiment. Out-of-body experiences are exactly that, as most people are never in their bodies, whether they are awake or asleep.

I have been a lucid dreamer since childhood and I do all my meaningful work in the dreaming state. I can direct my dreams to resolve problems or find things or information, but I rarely do that anymore. Why would I put my limited, ego-self in charge of my unlimited awareness, when my dreaming consciousness is guided by the wisdom of my body, which is the Wisdom of my Earth Mother?

What is coming through my mitochondrial DNA?

The Dream World

The Earth is the Dream World, the dreamscape. Nothing is as fixed or as permanent as it seems.

Guardians of the Temples

The Temples are guarded by demons we, ourselves created. It took a while for me to real-eyes this., but once I did and dealt with it, I became more relaxed in my waking consciousness and more energetically ‘fired-up,’ more easily able to focus and do what I need to do with less effort and greater efficiency. New ideas, creative solutions, the softening of the boundary between waking and dreaming consciousness and the elasticity of time.

In my mind’s eye, I saw the gargoyles of Notre Dame Cathedral and real-eyesed that the monumental artists of the time had faithfully represented their own visionary images. In what might seem like a bizarre twist, the Temple of Dreams is guarded by parasites, this is why there were purification rituals before the incubation and why Asklepios is shown with a worm wrapped around his staff. There is an inbuilt safeguard in the Dreaming Power, as the Mother Consciousness, present in the building functions of your own DNA and the microbial world it commands, limits the ability of the dreaming power to shape reality, until you have rid yourself of parasites and the demons that you would otherwise create.

Gargoyles, Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris


Having rid myself of parasites sufficiently to move forward, my learning from the Dream Temples will be published in the section on Onerirics.